Unity in the Southern Tier Newsletter

meeting at:

First Congregational Church

Corner of Main and Front Streets

Binghamton, NY 13905

at 11:30 AM in the Eden Room


This Week At Unity

This coming Sunday is February26, 2017.  Rev. Art Suggs will be speaking to us with another of his inspiring & thought provoking talks.  In case you don’t know Rev. Suggs, he is the senior minister at the First Congregational Church.  Their website describes him as enjoying being the pastor of an open-minded, intellectually curious, passionately loving and open and affirming congregation.  He relishes leading discussions about theological and interfaith matters.  Our Unity congregation always enjoys his talks and the ensuing discussions.  Come on over this Sunday and see what he’s presenting to us this time!

 From now through the 1st of June Clifford will be teaching a Unity catechism for our children. This will not be about a rigid doctrine that one must follow no matter what, but a look at what Unity teaches about these subjects, and how we can decide for ourselves what we really believe. This coming Sunday will cover how Unity sees God. The lessons that follow this are Jesus Christ, Humankind, Prayer, Worship, Baptism, Communion, Heaven, Hell, Satan, Sin, and Life After Death. Parents and Grandparents are encouraged to get the Unity book titled “Alternatives: New Approaches to Traditional Christian Beliefs” by William L. Fischer so that you can help your children further with this during the weeks to come. You can order the book from Amazon.  ( editor’s note: Gmail wouldn’t allow us to send the amazon link in the mass email…sorry!)

We still are looking for a new Sunday school teacher beginning June 1st, when Clifford plans to retire from the position.  If you are interested or know someone who might be interested in this position, please contact Jerry Neary at jnedry1953@gmail.com or 570-396-4398.


Why do people join the Unity Board of Directors?

There are lots of reasons:

*“I totally believe in the Unity message – Christ within – and the Unity family is a source of friends and people to hang out with. I’m not drawn to other church settings.”

*“I was new to the area and wanted to connect with like-minded people, and make a contribution.”

*“It’s a spiritual practice for me. Service work is suggested as part of my 12 step program, and this enhances my connection to the greater whole.”

*“I’ve shopped around for churches; none of them expressed how I feel the way Unity does — I don’t want Unity to go away, so I need to help. I’m willing to. And my commitment helps me stay connected.”

The current Board is a warm and wonderful group of people who have fun together and get things done. We have openings for a few more Board members starting in January. Thoughtful, creative people who care about Unity are welcome.

Are you called?  Open to explore?

Please contact Unity Board President Jerry Neary at jnedry1953@gmail.com or 570-396-4398

or Vice President Pamela Moss at pamela@drpamelamoss.com or 607-372-1676.

Is this YOU?

Unity of the Southern Tier is looking for someone who:

* likes to focus on details

* enjoys numbers

* is organized and honest

* cares about Unity and wants it to thrive

* wants to feel useful, appreciated, loved and truly supported

The right person may be an introvert and not feel like a “joiner” — no problem.

To find out more, please contact Unity Board President Jerry Neary at jnedry1953@gmail.com or 570-396-4398

or Vice President Pamela Moss at pamela@drpamelamoss.com or 607-372-1676


Unity Online Radio~The Voice of an Awakening World


What Is Unity Online Radio?

The Unity Online Radio Network is a platform for spiritual and New Thought discussions. The programs on the network are a powerful voice in providing the consciousness, clarity, and common vision necessary to create transformation in the world today. We call it The Voice of an Awakening World.

Listeners can tune in around the clock to hear provocative, uplifting, and inspiring programs on topics ranging from what Jesus really taught to how to maintain a spiritual practice with your partner or spouse. The programming schedule offers something for everyone and features more than 36 new program episodes each week, 33 of them broadcast live, allowing listeners to call-in and participate in the discussion. The programs are hosted by Unity ministers, licensed Unity teachers, and other leaders from within and around the New Thought movement. The guests on some programs are amongst today’s hottest and most insightful leaders from around the world including Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Michael Beckwith, Lynne Twist, and Gregg Braden to name just a few. We also feature some of the best New Thought music daily during the Unity Music Hour and on Sunday, the New Thought Music Day.



Our Unity Prayer Request Box

We encourage you to make a list of all of your prayer concerns for both yourself and others, and to put it in the prayer request box either before or after the service on Sundays.  Our Prayer Chaplain, Rev. Diane McCarty, will pray concerning them each day, and will send them on to Silent Unity where they will also be prayed about every day for 30 days.

Feel free to bring a new prayer list every Sunday.


Silent Unity … May We Pray With You? 24 Hours A Day

1-800-NOW-PRAY (669-7729)


Download the free mobile prayer app from Silent Unity


Hal Fischbeck’s Phone Ministry

Hal Fischbeck is essentially the founder and “Father” of our Church.  He has revitalized his phone ministry called Unity Thoughts, and the phone number is (607) 757-0009. He changes the message a couple of times each week. Call the number anytime you need a spiritual lift or a blessing.



Visit our website at: www.unityist.org

Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/unityist/?fref=ts.

*Check the facebook page for upcoming events and a schedule of services.  Please share!

For information:  Rev. Diane Sickler, Sr. Minister, at dmsickler@aol.com,        

Phone:  (570)824-7722.  

                         Rev. Diane McCarty, Prayer Chaplain and Music Minister,

                         at dianesmelody@yahoo.com, phone: (918)520-5426.


Mailing Address: 72 Lewis St,

                          P.O.Box 955

Binghamton, NY 13901


Send changes in contact information including email address to : UnityintheSouthernTier@gmail.com.



www.unity.org:  The Unity Worldwide Ministries website features resources of all kinds including videos, books, online classes and much more.  These resources are available to anyone.

http://www.dailyword.org/Daily Word, published by Unity, offers insight and inspiration to help people of all faiths live healthy, prosperous and meaningful lives.







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